Vanerum and Steelcase become partners

Vanerum is a leading manufacturer and provider of school furniture and visual communication products (VCP) in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Germany and Northern Europe.

The acquisition of Danish Nordisk Group assets accelerates Vanerum’s growth in Scandinavia and expands its offering to include high-quality boards and display cases for schools and offices. Like Vanerum, Nordisk Group maintained the highest standards in design and sustainability. Today, we stand stronger than ever to meet the needs for visual communication in educational and office environments: people coming together, communicating with each other. Most of that communication is visual. That is why we create solutions for visual communication.

With our wide product range and strengthened customer service, led by our Danish office at the tip, Nordisk Group customers can count on Vanerum as a driven and effective partner for all their VCP needs.


📝 Read the full article (in Dutch) on our Vanerum website.