Enhancing Learning through Technology

The Robert Bosch School in Stuttgart is a leading vocational institution, attracting nearly 900 students and is supported by a dedicated team of approximately 45 colleagues. Over the years, the school has embraced technological advancements to enhance the learning experience. In the early 2000s, projectors were introduced, followed by the integration of laptops. Subsequently, in 2009, the school made a significant transition by equipping all classrooms with digital whiteboards, although they still utilized projectors alongside them.

The need for better tech

Over time, the school faced the challenge of ensuring durable electronic components while maintaining cutting-edge functionalities. The wear and tear of the digital whiteboards over 13 years led them to search for a replacement. The solution came as touchscreens, which offered the desired additional functionalities. The selection process was meticulous, with various products being tested and evaluated over a week to meet specific criteria.

Exceptional user experience

Two critical factors influenced their decision. Firstly, they sought minimal distance between the pen’s contact point and representation on the screen to avoid distracting parallax errors during writing. Secondly, they needed a solution that didn’t strain their network infrastructure yet remained user-friendly for the students. Ultimately, they found their answer in the boards from i3-Technologies, which successfully fulfilled almost all their expectations. These innovative touchscreens replaced the ageing equipment and provided an enhanced learning experience for the students, meeting the school’s durability, precision, and usability requirements.

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