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The I3 VCP division, is actually the joint venture of what once where three separate brands: Vanerum-Weyel (see also I3 Solutions), the French company of Aubecq and the Danish company Pentagon.  The history of Aubecq goes back the furthest: in 1858 an enameling company is founded in Gosselines in Belgium and exports part of its production to France. In 1893, a first factory of enamelled finishing of stamped blanks of saucepans and hygiene materialsis is built in Blanc-Misseron in France. In 1912, a second factory is built in Auxi-Le-Château.

In 1958, Aubecq acquires a license to manufacture enamelled sheets for writing (Bettinger USA license). Aubecq becomes the leader in the production of enamelled sheet metal until Alliance (now known as Polyvision) builds a continuous enameling plant in Genk in 1971.

The company was acquired in 1998 by Polyvision, then was integrated into Steelcase Inc. before joining i3-Group in 2011.


The products of i3 VCP are designed to meet the high demands of today’s customers, from kindergarten to university and business, in terms of quality and environmental approach. Most of our products are certified to all EU standards AND to NF Environnement, NF Education and NF Collectivité and are conforming to the highest standards using the best materials to deliver sustainability and security.

Products range from simple whiteboards and flipcharts, to complex electrified column board solutions. Hight adjustability is one of our core competences, as well as extensive know how in building custom board solutions. In the last decade, we have also developed a range of technology supporting board solutions  like a version which is compatible with an interactive touch projector, and our the board walls are very successful.


I3 VCP is the market leader in the EU when it comes to education markets, and among the top three in volume when it comes to writing surfaces in general. We operate on a global scale through distributors and resellers, with our core markets being France, Benelux and Denmark. i3VCP is producing more than 180,000 boards per year, or an average of almost 1000 per working day.

The I3 VCP products are now marketed under the Vanerum Brand.


There are two production locations:

The French factory is located since January 2018 in Marly, in the North of France. This factory is triple certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. It is producing traditional boards like triple, wall or sash boards but also interactive whiteboards (for the I3 Technologies brand). This factory of 9000 sqm is is organized according to Lean Manufacturing methods and has no finished product stock.

The factory in Denmark is located in Middlefart and is focusing on custom board solutions and logistics for the Nordics.

For more information on how to contact i3 VCP/VANERUM France, please visit our website.