I3 Technologies Website

Innovation inspired by you.


The i3 Technologies brand was launched in 2013. Since then, the brand has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of interactive technologies for group collaboration.


We combine a product range of hardware, software and accessories to come up with collaborative technology that everybody in your team will intuitively know how to work with.

Some examples are the i3HUDDLE, the iMO-Learn and the i3BOARD.

Our innovative solutions bridge the digital and analogue worlds, giving you peace of mind that you have invested in robust and easy-to-use technology that everyone will love.


i3 Technologies operates globally, using a worldwide network of distributors and resellers. Through them, our products are available in over 70 countries and we can ensure the best service delivery and support.



Our product development, r & d, and marketing are located in Diest, Belgium. The support and logistics center is situated in Deerlijk, Belgium. For more information on how to contact i3 Technologies, please visit our website.