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In 1968, Robert Van Erum starts his own business and closes a deal with the German company Weyel to start the distribution of school boards in Belgium. The Weyel brand was famous for their collection of real glass-based school boards at that time. Already in 1972, a production line for school boards is set up, the first step of building the Vanerum brand.

Over the years other companies are acquired and the focus shifts to design and production of the complete classroom, including school furniture.

In 1996 Robert’s son, Gert Van Erum, became the new CEO of the company and started integrating more technological solutions like projectors and interactive whiteboards, and thus completing what ultimately would be a modern classroom. This eventually led to the creation of a spin off: I3 Technologies, with self-designed, developed and produced, hard- & software.


i3 Solutions designs, produces and markets complete education interiors under the brand name ‘VANERUM’.

We also come up with innovative solutions for integrating technology and new learning methods into classrooms.

Some examples of our award winning VANERUM products are the Delta Chair, OPTI+ Collection,  the Seed collection, and of course, the schoolboard that started it all.


i3 Solutions operates nationally in Belgium, the Netherlands & Germany. Each country has its own sales office and showroom facilities.

We design our products with the improvement of learning environments in mind, so our main focus groups are schools and education institutes, where we put different accents for primary, secondary and higher education.

We market everything under the brand name of VANERUM and/or I3-Technology.


The i3 Solutions HQ offices, logistics and main factory are in Diest, Belgium.

In the factory, we produce steel and wooden parts, we paint and assemble. We have a central logistic warehouse, where everything comes together before being shipped out with our own fleet of trucks.

The offices for Germany are located in Bochum and you can find the offices for the Netherlands in Houten.

For more information on how to contact i3 Solutions/VANERUM, please visit our website.