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"The largest education technology event, with world's leading technology brands!"

49m2 with NEW SOLUTIONS!

Visit our i3-Technologies stand at BETT and discover our latest solutions. We will for sur surprise you!

Ever heard of C-Sense, embodied learning, i3LENS, ...?


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Of course there are many more reasons, but here's a selection:


New products to be launched at the occasion of BETT:

Capacative Sense solutions:

Even if you have never heard of capacitive sense technology, you have been using it for quite some time now: just think about your smartphone or tablet touchscreens. A capacitive touchscreen works by sensing the conductive properties of an object, generally your fingertip’s skin. 

  • i3BOARD C-Sense 100" and 135"
  • i3TOUCH C-Sense 65"

Press Release on C-Sense
Product Sheet C-Sense


i3LENS is the document camera for your pocket!

How it works?


iMO-LEARN is a unique active learning environment with seats from EPP, 5 classroom configurations, dynamic seating, analog and digital learning. Flexible and scalable.

Press Release
Product Page


Will you be the first to test our wonderfull C-Sense technology?
You will be able to test our new i3TOUCH with Capacative Sensen AND our i3BOARD with Capacative Sense ,World's first interactive whiteboard with this technology!


20-21-22 January 2016

Save the dates, because in the afternoon we will have live demonstrations with iMO-LEARN on our stand. Students will show how they "learn while moving"...

There will be 2 presentation a day @11.00 and @14.00, on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!


BETT is the occasion to meet not only with our regional managers, but also to speek with our product specialist!
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