i3TOUCH E & P series


i3TOUCH excellence

An exciting, easy to use and affordable alternative to traditional interactive board solutions!

Discover our PREMIUM and EXCELLENCE series, both with fast & accurate V-Sense 10-touch technology.




i3TOUCH E & P series

i3-Technologies offers with the i3TOUCH interactive touch displays an exciting alternative to traditional interactive board solutions. There are 2 series available, both equipped with the fast & accurate V-Sense 10-touch technology: i3TOUCH EXCELLENCE (E-serie) and i3TOUCH PREMIUM (P-serie)


NEW! Presented for the first time at BETT and ISE

Excellent interactive touch display with fast & accurate V-Sense touch technology.

The i3TOUCH E series provide crystal clear, high-definition images. The V-Sense 10-point touch technology operates at the touch of a finger or pen and reacts instantly.

10 touch


The i3TOUCH Excellence is equipped with the precise and reliable V-Sense technology. This technology is fast and extremely accurate and allows up to 10 simultaneous touches. Write with your finger, a pen or any other object, the i3TOUCH reacts instantly and recognizes the most common gestures.

Plug & Play


The i3TOUCH E serie is available with all-in-one pc kit. This all-in-one solution contains a build-in PC, configured with the latest Windows Professional. Just switch on the display and start working instantly. There are no wires visible.



Combine the i3TOUCH with an i3FLOORSTAND and ensure flexibility and mobility in the classroom. Our mobile stand allows you to move the i3TOUCH easily from one side to another. With the push of a button, you can quickly adjust the stand to accommodate teachers and students of differing heights and those who are seated or physically challenged.



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