Technology expands involvement

"Sociality is the human tendency to bind oneself with others in interdependent relationships and, thus, to create and join organized forms of acting together." -

Huizing, A. Cavanagh, M. (2009)


Involvement expresses the relationship between people and their digital devices. People are very absorbed by their personal mobile phones, their music players, their smart phones... As devices get smaller, and new technologies ensure that we can use these (wireless) devices anywhere, they are no longer connected to their original places and come closer to the user. A cell phone is an example of a very personal device; you do not call someone's cell phone, but the person directly.


Involvement is also about the network itself. We all form a part of a social environment. With the internet, a new kind of social environment has been created, a digital one. From the moment one engages in it, they become a part of the network. This is how a network is created that not only consists of interconnected devices, but of people.

Similarly, we can see that devices at school are becoming more personal. A notepad is replaced with a network of personal tablet computers. Students have their own laptop and their personal storage space on the school's network...

Source: New World of Learning (VANERUM Group ).